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1.1. How de we make this price possible? - This price is sustainable because we eliminate unnecessary costs on the day of installation, such as not having pool, and provide some automation as the web, allows us to offer our quality product at a low price. The smartest choice. Your participation is the key. If you respect the rules of use shall you make sustainable too. The sustainability of the model depends partly on you.

1.2. What are our fees? - To know the price follow the banner 'Our fees' where you can see the current prices of each center. With all our Memberships you have free access at any time the center open, all Group Activities, Fitness with assessment and changing rooms with private showers, also included in the fee.

1.3. What are our opening times? - All Duet Fit centers except Sagrada Familia and La Rotonda, open from Monday to Thursday from 6:30AM to 10:30PM, Friday 6:30AM to 9:30PM, Saturdays from 9:00AM to 8:00PM, Sundays and holidays from 9:00AM to 3:00PM (except Jan. 1st and Dec. 25th).

Sagrada Familia will opens from Monday to Thursday from 7:00AM to 10:30PM, Friday 7:00AM to 9:30PM, Saturdays from 9:00AM to 8:00PM, Sundays and holidays from 9:00AM to 3:00PM (except Jan. 1st and Dec. 25th)

La Rotonda will opens from Monday to Thursday from 6:30AM to 10:30PM, Friday 6:30AM to 9:30PM, Saturdays from 8:00AM to 8:00PM, Sundays and holidays from 9:00AM to 3:00PM (except Jan. 1st and Dec. 25th)


There is no time restrictions in our Fees.

There is no time restrictions in our Fees.

1.4. What is the minimum age to register? - The minimum age for enrollment is 15 years old.

1.5. Is there a waiting list? - We reserve the right to have waiting list in  our centers in case it is convenient for us to maintain the comfort of our Members.

1.6. Can I pay cash on Duet Fit? - In Duet Fit cash payments are not accepted, except on the vending machines. Payments of the membership fees shall be by a Spanish Bank Account, and the first payment must be payed with credit/debit cards.

1.7. What About Security of your data? – We comply with the Organic Law of Data Protection Officer by the Data Protection Agency.

1.8. Can I enroll in the center? - You can register online on the web or in person at the center, is indifferent. In case you want to do in the center, our staff will help you if you have difficulty with the Net process.

1.9. If I sign up in the mid-month, I have to pay the whole month? - Of course not! The date you join with us, you pay the proportionate part of the current month. For example if you sign the 21st of the month, you only pay the days left until the end of the month, and in the beginning of the next month the amount will be for the entire month.


2.1. How can I enroll? - Just follow the steps indicated in our website, following the banner ‘Join with us’. You must have an email to register because the registration we send the confirmation through this channel. If you have no computer you can always make this in the centers. In the registration process you must complete:

• Personal data.

• Acceptance Organic Law on Data Protection and Liability fitness and Regulations of use.

• Bank details (protected under the LOPD).

2.2. What documents are needed to Join? - To register you need to have a DNI, NIE or a Passport Number (for international residents), and a number of Spanish bank account. Also, the 1st payment must be done by credit/debit card. You also need the bank account number for the next months. In case you don’t have a Spanish Bank Account you can register at the center with a temporary Fee, not online.

2. 3. Can I try the gym before signing up? - You can try out the center filling in the form of presenting the invitation and reception of the Centre (download it HERE). You can only try it once.

2.4. What should I do if I want to Join for a certain period? - For season tickets, you are able to enroll with a debit/credit card payment for the entire period, even if you are from another country. To get this do it on the center, not on line.

2.5. Can I pay a ticket for a day? - You can buy a daily pass following this link: 'buy a daily pass' and showing us the receipt number the day you want to come with us.


3.1. What services are included in the fee? – in our Fees you have no time limitations in the fitness area, with free use of all the material we have, free access to all group activities (see our schedule on the web in the Services section), use of social area with WiFi. Locker rooms operated with locks, dryers and private showers included in the fee.

3.2. Are the showers included in my fee? - Of course we do, and all showers are private. Water is a scarce resource, make a responsible consumption.

3.3. Will I get an exercise program? - In Duet Fit we have a system of programs based on your goals and your level when you come to the fitness area, we will define your current level and thus will recommend the program best suited to you.

3.4. Are there staff attending me in the gym? - Yes, we will attend and we will explain the operation of the machines if needed, without additional cost.

3. 4. Will I have directed activities teachers? - Yes, in Duet Fit all activities are directed by a trainer, but also off-peak hours there are virtual cycling sessions. The Xpress sessions are also done by trainers at any time.

3.5. Can I have the schedule of the Group Activities? - You can download and print our program from the web. You will find this on the home page and follow the banner 'group activities'. However, in each Studio you will find it printed.

3.6. Can I book my sessions CYCLING through the web? - Through the Personal area of ??the website you can book your bicycle (only needed on live sessions).

3.7. What does not include my fee? – Personal training services as well as special courses after hours of supervised activities that can be done. This services and products are not included in the Fee: Rental lockers (those where you can permanently leave your belongings), products on the vending machines, locks, drinks, food, etc.

If you want to rent a locker, or learn more about the Personal Training service, send us an email to bruc@duetfit.esviaaugusta@duetfit.es, universitat@duetfit.es, sagradafamilia@duetfit.es or contact the staff in the center.

3.8. Does Duet Fit has pool, saunas or spa? - Duet Fit is set to satisfy lovers of physical activity and training dry. That is why the center does not offer pool or water area. The use of these facilities tends to be low and we believe that you need not pay an installation with little use.


4.1. How do I access the first day in the center? - Once you have joined, you can access in the gym recording your finger print in the turnstiles by following these steps:

- Put your finger on the reader input, enter your ID/NIE or passport numbers (without letters) in the login screen, and then put back the same finger on the reader. In this way your finger print will be recorded.

After the first day just put your finger on the reader and they will open you automatically.

4.2. Do not forget to bring a lock to use a locker. Any standard lock works in our lockers, but we recommend combination locks with maximum security if possible with combination. Do not buy the lock in a store that couldn’t certify its quality. If you lost the key of your lock, or this gets damaged, our staff will help you to open it (if at that time our staff is giving a group session you should wait until this finishes). You can also buy the lock in the center.

4.3. Remember that lockers are for a daily use. You can only use the daily locks during your stay in the center. If you let your lock permanently we will have to cut it, take your possessions (we will keep in a space dedicated to it), and won’t have no right to demand the replacement of your lock. You'll have a week to claim your belongings.

4.4. Do not forget to bring your towel for your workout. You must use this towel to put between your body and the support machine you are using. Without TOWEL you won’t be able to train. This is mandatory in all areas of fitness sports (Fitness and group activities).


4.6. We recommend that you hydrate during your sport. You can use a can and fill it with the water source we have enabled in the fitness area.

4.7. Use sports shoes for your workout: flip-flops or shoes type slippers are not allowed to exercise, using comfortable and breathable sportswear. Do not use non-breathable clothes, because they do not help you lose weight and dehydrate themselves.


5.1. In the form of annual payment that occurs when paid period ends?

Otherwise we have expressly indicated by email, or in person, you want to unsubscribe (what you can do when you want until the 5th of last month paid) share happens to be renewed with the monthly fee without permanence and held until is not expressly stated to be changed again share.

5.2. Can I do a temporary Cancellation of my fee?

It is not possible to temporarily interrupt the gym membership with any of the modes.

5.3. How I can I unsubscribe?

You can inform us to cancel your membership by email or in person at the center.

5.4. What are the deadlines of the cancellations?

These are the deadlines from your request to the cancellation of your fee:

- In the monthly fee without permanence and Premium: cancellations requested until the 5th of the current month are processed by the end of the month, after this date will be for the next month.

- On the annual fee payment: cancellations requested before the 5th day of the 12th month payed, will be made at the end of the annuity paid. Later,  the process is the same as with the monthly fee without permanence.

Cancellations will only be proceeding when they are requested by the holder or by the legal tutor in case of minors.

To request a cancellation you can tell us in person at the center, or send an email to: bruc@duetfit.es or viaaugusta@duetfit.es, universitat@duetfit.es either sagradafamilia@duetfit.es as appropriate, with the subject: 'LOW', your personal details, the reason of your cancellation, and we will process according to the period that corresponds, which depends on the date of your communication and the fee you have.

Whatever the reason for the cancellation, the amount of the member fee and monthly fees are not refundable in any case.

5.5. What if my bank returns a receipt?

If your bank returns us your receipt you won’t be able to enter the center. From then you will have the whole month to update payments. The outstanding amount you can pay in the entrance of the center with credit/debit card with a penalty of 3 € for bank administrative expenses. Once the receipt is returned, to catch up payments must be done  in person at the center. Remember that we do not accept cash payments.

If before end of the month the Membership is not payed we will unsubscribe you and will lose your member fee.

5.6. Can I sign up again?

Yes of course. If there is no pending receipts, only paying a new membership (Member fee and current monthly Fee).


If you have pending receipts what you have to do is to pay the pending receipts + 3 €, and pay a new membership (Member fee and current monthly Fee).

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