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All Fees allows you to enter at the center during all our opening hours and go to all the group activities, as well as unlimited use of the Fitness area with assessment, free use of the showers and locker rooms, WiFi and Lunch Club Area.

What is not included in this fees? This fees don't include personal training service and announced courses that are for a specific period of time.

MONTHLY fee without permanence:

This is a monthly fee where payment goes directly to your bank automatically. Initial payment is the registration fee, which you will not have to pay again unless you terminate your membership.

The first monthly payment is proportional according to the day of the month that you join.There are no discounts unless you enroll in the pre-opening period of the center.

You can cancel your membership at anytime before the 5th day of the month, If you do so after this date, your membership shall be terminated for the following month.


This fee is based on a single payment of 12 months at a time. This is subject to a discount from the monthly Fee without permanence contract.

After the 12 months, if you do not tell us specifically a low or renovation to another annuity, the Fee becomes to the Monthly Fee.


This fee has the same characteristics and conditions as the monthly fee without permanence, but allows you unlimited access to all Duet Fit centers. To request any change on your Membership, this should be done at the center where you signed up.


To view the current prices of each center, enter at the center in which you are interested, and follow the banner 'Our fees'.

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