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Duet Fit Centres have the following complimentary services:

  1. Member Area: This is the meeting or relaxing area of the gym. Tables, comfortable chairs and WIFI are available for you to work and check your tablet or smartphone while you wait for your colleagues.
  2. Lunch Club: Dining area where you can eat your favourite food brought from home, keep cold food in the refrigerators and heat in the microwave you have at your disposal. This area will have vending machines where you can buy a coffee or beverage.
  3. Changing rooms: equipped with private showers (included in your Membership), lockers to be closed with a lock, hairdryers, toiletries and toilet areas.
  4. Security lockers: in addition to the locker room, there are also security lockers where you can leave your valuables locked.
  5. Vending-store: where you can buy what you need for your workout.
  6. Water fountain: So you can drink water throughout your workout.
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